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A premium high strength offroad chain with excellent impact load resistance, designed specifically to withstand the stress found in off road applications. This chain is the choice where a combination of high strength, light weight and maximum power transfer are important considerations.


The R1 chain is available in three different sizes for a variety of applications, 520, 428 and 420. In the table below you can find the maxiumum cc recommended for each chain. Chain has 126 links


Chain Pitch Motocross 2 Stroke Motocross 4 Stroke Trials Tensile Strenght
420 85cc 150cc 250cc 4271 lbf
428 150cc 230cc 400cc 4609 lbf
520 250cc 450cc 400cc 7644 lb


If longer chains are required please call or email us and we will arrange your chain asap


Chain Type