• All-new 250cc overhead-cam engine.

• All-new Keihin electronically controlled fuel injection systems delivers more linear power and easy start-up whether bike has been sitting or is hot on the trail.

• All-new tubular steel frame for a stable, nimble chassis.

• CRF MX Line philosophy of mass centralization applied to vehicle packaging.

• New 41mm fork, plus Pro-Link rear-suspension system with single shock.

• Front and rear hydraulic brakes with petal-style rotors for improved heat dissipation.

• Handlebar-mounted low-fuel and “key on” indicator lights

• CRF MX-inspired muffler with compact positioning and CRF MX-inspired bodywork and graphics.



• The 250cc SOHC engine returns with smoother, linear power delivery.

• Five-speed gearbox is well matched to the broad power spread.

• Electric starter makes getting going a breeze.



The CRF250F brings an all-new 250cc four-valve engine with Keihin electronic fuel injection for increased power. Its tubular steel frame brings improved handling—a benefit that will be appreciated by all riders. More torque and a linear power delivery mean new riders can learn at lower, less intimidating rpm, and advanced off-roaders can utilize the strong torque in technical sections.


The smooth low-end power blends seamlessly into a stronger midrange and top end, and the increase in torque at all rpm results in fewer shifts so that riders can focus more on trail challenges.



• 883mm seat height.

• Wheel sizes of 21 and 18 inches front and rear, respectively.

• The 41mm fork provides plush front-suspension action.

• Pro-Link® rear-suspension design with sophisticated single shock for consistent action.

• Smooth stopping power provided by front and rear hydraulic brakes, with 240mm and 220mm discs, respectively.

• Front brake lever is adjustable to work with varying hand sizes.

• Styling follows that of the race-winning CRF MX Line.


The mass-centralisation philosophy of the next generation CRF MX Line up is carried over to this trail model, with the muffler positioned closer to the centre of mass. The result is a lighter feel, intuitive responsiveness, and confidence-inspiring handling, especially on corner entrances.


The Pro-Link® rear suspension system puts the smooth power to the ground, and the Showa 41mm fork works with the new frame’s steering geometry to provide maximum front-wheel traction.


Braking is handled with new petal-style rotors for improved modulation, heat transfer and mud clearing, and the CRF race-inspired aggressive, compact bodywork allows improved rider/machine interface.



Hot or cold, stored in the garage or stopped on the bad line up a challenging hill, the CRF250Fs EFI and electric starter fire up the engine with the touch of a button. There are no carburettor circuits to clog with fuel residue if the bike sits for extended periods.


The new, 6L fuel tank enables good range and is protected between the frame spars in the event of a fall, and the integrated fuel pump includes a low-fuel sensor with a handlebar-mounted indicator. Add it all up, and the all-new CRF250F is more bike, for more riders.


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